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Milkweed is an interdisciplinary art and event space dedicated to collaboration and community-building. 

One half of the space is an ever-changing gallery, featuring the work of local contemporary artists working in a variety of media. 

The second half of the space is a working studio used by the Milkweed Collective and open to the public. Milkweed frequently hosts arts and skill sharing workshops.

Milkweed frequently hosts live art — including music, performance, dance, poetry, comedy, theater, screenings, and other collaborations. 

We seek to create an accessible, creative environment where ideas can be cultivated and shared. 

So what is Milkweed?
An herbaceous American plant with milky sap. Some kinds attract butterflies, some yield a variety of useful products, and some are grown as ornamentals.

Think on it.

weekly open gallery hours
Please make an appointment to visit the gallery.

Milkweed is a community space dedicated to local artists, thinkers, collaborators, educators, movers & shakers. 

A space to connect, share, create and celebrate.

A locus of opportunity for the curious of all ages to explore ideas particular, peculiar and profound.

Milkweed is committed to cultivating an inclusive creative environment.

To ensure our programs remain accessible to everyone 

we offer need-based workshop scholarships as well as work-trade opportunities.

Drop us a line, and we'll make it happen:


2 & 3 Romer's Alley, Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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