Theo Meth 

Journey into Self Awareness

Through provocative spiritual conversations, self-inquiry and guided meditations, Theo takes you on a journey into Self Awareness, examining the blocks and pathways to inner calm,unveiling the underlying truth of who we are and returning us to a deep peace and happiness that was always there.

Theo has been practicing meditation for over 40 years beginning in the Soto Zen Buddhist
meditation tradition.  

A message from Theo:

Dear Friends,


How does clarity of mind and openhearted awareness affect the way we communicate?


When our mind is clear we are not compelled to speak from judgments and beliefs about the past or from projections into the future because we have an enhanced sensitivity that allows us to feel the suffering it creates in our own hearts before any words are spoken. 


Try this exercise:

If you are having an intense conversation with someone you love,

drop your attention from your mind or what feels like the thinking space behind your eyes, to the center of your chest.


Notice if your words change to reflect a sense of immediacy, compassion  and authenticity, enabling you to effortlessly speak from the presence of who you are,

rather than from stories in your mind.


Communicating this way brings peace.

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